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January 3, 2016 // 0 Fuschia
wassup?! i've been busy going out with friends lately since it's holiday season and school's fast approaching. oh.my.freaking.gulay! classes will start on MONDAY! well.. it's not syncing in my system though.. not even pressured with the requirements on queue. lol.

anyway, i just came back from being so idle here for how many months already t.t i missed writing, expressing my thoughts on this lil e-diary of mine. so many things had happened for the year 2015 and i guess i shared some for a few months but like on the last quarter, harsher things happened like i just wanna lay down on the sea, looking above the sky, staring at the awesome vastness of the universe, thinking about any extraordinary things i could imagine.. haven't shared anyone what really happened those times because yes, i like to keep my own dang serious heart problems. choz.

guess i have to end it here for now. will be back again soonest! ;)