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because i feel a little out of this world tonight..
October 31, 2015 // 0 Fuschia
there are a lot of things going on in my mind lately. i really don't know anymore. i seldom wish my brain would stop thinking. my brain's so active - sometimes gives brilliant ideas but most of the time some stressful ones! i don't really know if... oh yes, i really think.. no.. okay, i almost typed it. lol. i'll keep it secret for now. these chaotic thoughts will just stay in my head though some of it were already shared to my bffs. lol.

gaaaahhhh!!! for now.. sleeping is my only escape. no, there's still food, coffee, tea, and boxing, and friends, and family, and God. yes. my support team. :)

*cries* i think i'm going crazy now or i just really need some sleep! it's already 1:14am here in my cave and i'm awake as an owl. (thanks for the late night shower. ah, feels so fresh! ;)) anyway, i really gotta go and sleep. good mornight nocturnal readers! xo

ps. i may be losing my mind at the moment, but God is in control. this too shall pass. sabi nga ni vice ganda, "kapit lang sabi ng tarsier", "keep your head up sabi ng giraffe". :)

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