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Ely, my man.
September 3, 2015 // 0 Fuschia
Was that all a dream? Or not? Please, someone pinch me.
I was contemplating yesterday if I should still go to the gym or not because Pupil will perform in SM Gensan. But since I don't wanna end the day with guilt, I did a quickie cardio at the ring. Yay! I hurriedly did my workout then headed to SM.
I was standing outside while watching the local band perform then I saw Jam and her friend, my classmate from some of my subjects. I immediately and accidentally had a company during the show. ^^
When we noticed that the guards were letting people inside to sit and watch, we quickly lined up and yes! We made it to the 3rd row and it's super near to the band. Hoooh! Jam and I were getting hyped! Someone control us. Haha.
FREAAAAK OUUUUT!!! This was the moment where they first stepped on stage and Jam and I were holding hands while shaking. We can't even contain our feels! HAHAHAHA. (We only went for Ely actually)

I'd like you to meet Pupil. ^^ Yan Yuzon on lead guitars, Dok Sergio on bass, Wendell Garcia on Drums and of course, Ely Buendia on vocals. I'm afraid I couldn't sing along with them because, you know, I only stan Ely in this team. I only know few songs from this band. Sorry guys.

Caught him having this cute facial expression. Haha. My maaaaaan! You're almost as twice as my age but you're as too young as a baby!!! T.T Why?!?!

Ely: Alam nyo ba yung tuwing umuulan?
Crowd: Oo!!!
Ely: Okay, hindi namin yun kakantahin.
Hahaha. Paasa din eh! Pero okay na din, they played superproxy, instead. Hoooh!
We jammed to that song more than the Pupil's songs. Lol.

I wanna thank these guys around me for tagging me along with them. I couldn't had a chance to meet and greet the band without you. ^^ Dream come true!

I'm with Jam! ^^ (she's a cosplayer btw) Thank you Jam for the company! Kisses~ xx til our next bump on shows like this. Haha.

So... I was this close with my man from childhood. Haha. I loooove you so much Ely!
I really wanna hug you at that moment but my other hand was holding Jam's tablet. T.T

Dok is super gwapo too and he stared at me for like I don't know when twas my turn to take a photo of Jam with the guys. But I only stared back at him for a second then my eyes were on Ely's again. Haha. I'm so sorry man. We'll meet again soon and play the staring game. Lol. Love you guys!

So I guess this is all for today. My heart is so happy right now, I mean, until now. Haha. Oh Ely, Raymund, Marcus and Buddy, I miss these legends. xx

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