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[BTS] Yearbook Photos
September 18, 2015 // 0 Fuschia
Everyone was so excited for the photoshoot and we didn't expect that it would turn out so tiring. Haha. I'll tell you why...

Last few weeks, I was used to sleep at 3am then wake up at 11am. I know, it was an unhealthy routine. The guys are arguing whether to have the shoot in the morning or in the afternoon. I then suggested to have it on the aftie. Sadly, my closest c-mates decided to have it in the morning. They stated out good reasons and advantages if we have it in the morning. And... I was convinced. So the day after, since my body clock was already used to sleep late, I only had 4 hours of sleep to sustain my productivity for the whole day!!!

I immediately prepared myself, did my makeup, and fixed my stuffs for the shoot then headed to school. When I arrived to the waiting room, a girl who was assigned to give the priority numbers asked me, "magpa makeup pa ka te?", I didn't even know what to tell her at that moment so I made an eye to eye contact with her while pointing my face. Well that action simply tells "I don't need to put a lot of makeup".

My makeup recipe:
BB Cream
Graybrown Eyebrow pencil
Red Lipstick
Light Eyeshadow
Pink Blush

Hashtag squad. Haha. We had our own photoshoot outside. ^^

This happens pag ang isip-bata at ang bata ay nag sanib pwersa. Hahaha. Jehru the bata.
To sum it all up, the day was fun! It was just a bit tiring. Haha. And guess what? I should have done the shoot in the afternoon. Found out that the outcome was still the same and the aftie activities were more fun than in the morning. Lol.

Photos from the shoot will be posted next year. Baka ma jinx eh, mahirap na. Haha. Tho... brotha already posted one! T.T He cannot help his excitement! Mygosh.
Wish me luck and pray for me guys. I hope I can survive the remaining months I have in college. Dizizit! Fightinggggg!!!! :)


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